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2011年 08月 01日

Marshall Valvestate 8020


Marshall Valvestate 8020

8020: 20 Watt COMBO
CHANNEL 1 (Normal)
1. Input Jack
Connects the guitar to the amplifier.
2. Gain Control
This controls the level of gain on the normal
channel. The sound remains clean up to half way,
then turns to slight distortion, with full crunch
reached when on maximum gain.
3-4. Treble & Bass
Controls and adjusts the upper and lower
frequencies of the normal channel.
5. Channel Select
Push switch to select Normal to Boost channels
(this feature is also footswitchable). This switch
must be in for the footswitch to function.
CHANNEL 2 (Boost)
6. Gain Control
Control for the gain level of the boost channel.
This takes the sound from bluesy distortion on
lower settings to all out metal on maximum.
7. Contour Control
Highly effective control which shifts the mid-band
voicing of the boost channel tone. This adds
incredible width and variation to distortiontextures.
8. Presence Control
Adds extra cut and bite to boost selections.
9. Volume Control
Controls the volume level of the boost channel.
10. Master Reverb
Controls the level of the reverb effect on both channels.
11. Footswitch Jack
For the connection of a single operation footswitch
for channel switching functions (P801 footswitch optional).
12. Headphone Jack
The connection of stereo headphones mutes the
internal speaker for private practice. Headphones
with a mono plug should not be used.
13. Line Output
The low level signal from this output is ideal for
direct linking to recording equipment, or for
driving further power amplifier systems.

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